Dear Friends,
So the reality is that albums are selling less and less, and, while they are cheaper to make these days, anything professional (which means something you would put in your CD player) tends to cost somewhere over $10,000.  That's a whole lot of money for just about anyone.  So, because of technology, in many ways music is returning to the good old days of patronage--think Renaissance, the Medicis, Mozart...old school Kickstarter.  This would be great except back then artists had to cater to rich people, hence all the cherubs with creepy lords and ladies' faces.  And while corporate sponsorship would be wonderful, I don't think anyone wants to hear jingles about Bisquick and Doritos on our next album  (for the record, if you are a Doritos marketing manager, we would be happy to write a Dorito's jingle for our next album).  Anyways, the proletariat want music too! 

So there's GREAT NEWS!!!  The internet allows every single person to support the arts!  Because the earth has a population approaching 7 billion people, if just 0.00001% of you donate $1 (or if 500 people gave $20) that means we can make a new album for you!  So if you enjoy the music, enjoy the live shows, enjoy the blogs, enjoy anything about us, think about putting in just a little bit in our bucket to keep the music coming.  You are the kings and queens of our musical kingdom, and we humbly bow before you. 





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